some things.

This is the beginning of something that has been going on for awhile now. (Contradictory? No. Just how my brain and heart work when it comes to digesting big life lessons.)

I’ve had this post brewing since mid-March, when I learned that the people I encounter teach me far more about myself than I could ever discover alone.

That may sound like common sense – and if it does, congratulations – but the revelation that a stranger can see into your core is something that inspires me and challenges me more than many things I have realized at this stage of life.

This ‘learning about yourself’ things never stops, so I’ll begin this series to recognize what I learn from encounters I have day-to-day, as I travel across the country, and as I examine relationships that have spanned weeks, years, and decades (how am I old enough to explore DECADES?!).

This is also a push to encourage my best friend, Parke, to return to blogging. We challenge each other to do a lot of things (some meant for publishing on the World Wide Web, some not), but we most recently challenged one another to return to blogging as a creative outlet.

So here goes.

YOU get more ME. WE get more HER. EVERYONE gets BETTER.

Gosh darn, I’m excited.



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