Logic, As She Sees It

Parke:  Everyone wants to be told that they have made someone’s life better just by meeting them.
   Me:  That’s a nice statement.
Parke:  If they don’t want to hear it, they are an a**hole.
Parke:  Haha, that might be Parke logic in a nutshell: nice statement, obligatory curse word at the end.
   Me:  hahaha
   Me:  Can I blog that? It makes my day.
Parke:  Yes of course you can.
Parke:  Being your best friend is like working at Disney World.
   Me:  Now you’re just trying to make a good impression on the blog readers.
Parke:  You own the rights to my thoughts hahaha.
   Me:  Oh, nevermind I thought you were being sweet.
Parke:  I was being sweet. Kinda.
Parke:  Love you!
   Me:  Love you too, Boog.

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