Not As Good As It Gets

Resolution shmesolution.  Every year I try, every year I fail.  Nothing says “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” like setting yourself up for failure, amIright?

I read this quote yesterday on Pinterest:

‘Stop thinking you’ve been through it all… just wait until you see where the road takes you.’

Year after year, we resolve to be better versions of last years selves – but what about the things that have yet to come your way?  I propose we leave room for reactionary resolutions in addition to a generic effort to just. be. better.

This year, I will do my best to be better than last.  To learn from my mistakes, to grow from my opportunities, and to live in a way that future Jess will not regret. (Except that second third glass of wine.  I always regret that the next day because now I’m becoming an old lady and gravity is setting in and alcohol is much more mean than it used to be.  I digress.)

Ultimately, I’ve decided that if I’m making a conscious effort every 365 days to jot down what I need to get better at (or start doing, for that matter – sorry eye cream, I just can’t seem to hang out with you on a nightly basis yet. You and your pal gravity kind of suck.) it means I should be making that same effort the other 364 days.  I think what I need to focus on are the small, day-to-day things that add up to make the big thing: me.  Well.  You know what I mean.  Moving on.

If I can work daily at things like being an encourager, keeping in touch, making it to the gosh darn post office in time to have someone (just one person! maybe two!) receive a card or gift on or before the day of their celebration, then I will have succeeded!  And if I’m not bound by the confines of any resolutions, just think of the things I can achieve!

I get that this is a sort of resolution list in its own right, but since the typical way of doing things just hasn’t panned out in years past, I’m gonna give this a go.

This isn’t as good as it gets.  Life gets better every day if you let it… just be sure to help it along its merry little way.



{If you’ve figured out this is a long-winded approach at talking my way out of New Year’s resolutions, congratulations! You probably know me in real life.}


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