When It Rains, It Snows

You know – because it’s below freezing outside and frozen rain is… SNOW! Ha. Hahaha. No? OK, whatever.

I was reminded of the old adage, “When it rains, it pours,” because of some good fortune as of late.  I’ve decided that both troubling times and the best of times are both created by an avalanche effect that’s often brought on by ourselves.

For instance, once one thing doesn’t go the way I had hoped or planned (we all know I like my plans), I easily become distracted about other things in my life.  After a short amount of time, I’m spending less time on the things that matter and more time complaining or dwelling on my misfortune.  At which point, I should be asking myself, “Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve complained about it?” (BUT DO I? Not as much as I’d like to.  New Year’s Resolution, anyone?)

Alternatively – and this is what got me thinking – when one good thing happens, doesn’t it seem that a few others (no matter how small) seem to follow suit?  And while I wondered why I had been blessed so much lately, I realized that these blessings are quite possibly the result of hard work and patience (which is really hard work for me).  I also realized that my attitude also determines how I process what comes my way.

For example, this summer I went through a phase of extreme boredom in which I decided to take on the world.  I applied for graduate school, and enrolled once I was accepted.  I began a Rosetta Stone course to learn Portuguese.  I took on several hefty projects at work that were truly for personal development.  I traveled nine weekends out of twelve.  Needless to say, I was exhausted… but lately, it seemed as if things were starting to head in the right direction.  But what I’ve realized, is that even though my very full plate became an overloaded Buca di Beppo-sized platter, good things have been coming my way because I have been working tirelessly on them.  The results are my rewards.

So I guess what I’d be interested to know is if you’re working toward the potentially great outcomes, or if you’re rolling down a mountain in your own avalanche of suckiness (poetic, I know).


He’s going to bring us good tidings of great joy! Merry Christmas everyone (all four of you).


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