Music Fun Times!

Yesterday while browsing the seasonal scents at Yankee Candle, I came upon this.

I MEAN.  I get that they did a cutesy little “Favorite Things” line, but that can’t be a pleasant smell to wake up to.  And I can’t imagine it doesn’t wear on your nasal passages quite quickly.

ANYWAY.  That was my unnecessarily long way of telling you this post is about one of my favorite things: mix tapes!

I get that mix tapes are a thing of the past, but gosh darn there is just something so lovely about having a compilation of songs that someone picked out especially for you. (Any fans of Avenue Q should already be singing this little ditty in their heads.)

The best I can do is to make a Spotify playlist of some current tunes that are a mix of sweet, sassy, soulful… there I go again with the alliteration again.  Someone stop me!



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