Rosetta Stone: Not For The Faint Of Heart

I sure am glad this is an online course because I am failing. Miserably.  I mean, I have 100% on all of the lessons, but as I’ve been told my whole entire life: “You must apply yourself.”  And that’s the point where I just kind of curl into the fetal position.

It took 25 minutes for me to realize I scheduled a studio session that was many lessons ahead of where I’m at in my journey to learn Portuguese.  Which resulted in me answering nearly all of the questions in Spanish in a very timid way.  So I sounded like a shy, Spanglish-speaking American to my other 3 “classmates” and my instructor, Marcus.

Thanks to Marcus, his line of questioning towards me was tamed a bit once he realized I was in well over my head.

OH MY GOSH AND THEN THERE WAS GEOGRAPHY.  If you know me outside of the blogosphere, you probably know that this is one area in life I really struggle in.  And when I say “struggle,” I mean I didn’t know where Connecticut was until I moved here and watched a weather forecast.  (Parke claims I didn’t know where South Carolina was, even when I lived in Florida.  But I’ll let her tell that story.)

Long story short: in this moment, Portuguese is not a love language. It is is a language of tears and fears.  So even though I failed miserably, I’m going to reward myself with football and beers because this has been far too emotional of a Sunday considering it is the beginning of the NFL season! (and let’s be honest, there was a rhyming opportunity there.)

Until next time… Chao. (UGH.)


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