I think my affinity for bank holidays and their associated celebrations stems from the fact that I am the daughter of a teacher: no school break? No out-of-town fun.

Back in the economy’s heyday, Southwest Airlines made it possible for the Kraus clan to jet off to San Diego (my happy place), Orange County (more happiness), or Vegas (love/hate, but I think that’s the general consensus, no?).  With fares as low as $29 each way, it was the best of times.

Fast forward to adulthood, where it’s fair to say I am imprisoned by my career when considering vacations.  I am (nearly) 26 years-old and have now tackled not one, but two careers that exist on the premise of entertaining others around-the-clock, 365 days a year.  Awesome.  I mean it is, really, it’s fantastic, but… woof.

At ESPN, however, my life is more or less dictated by important sports “holidays” instead of the ones recognized by our government–hallelujah!  The first thing I did when I escaped the “don’t ask for time off right away or they’ll wonder why they hired you” margin of time was asked for all bank and religious holidays off (that I celebrate, I wasn’t like, “Give me ALL OF THE HOLIDAYS!”)

*If you’ve made it this far, kudos… I would’ve checked out a long time ago.

So anyway: I requested off all bank holidays, and by the grace of God and my scheduler, I am able to travel to see my family that is far and less-far from Connecticut on a fairly regular basis.

Wow, this was all to say there is a Labor Day Weekend post forthcoming.  I’m sorry I just wasted all of your time.


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