‘A Place Meant For God Alone’

I took the title from this post about recent American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips.  I didn’t watch AI, but this writer makes a fantastic point; one which I think any sort of fan can learn from (interpret the boldface text as me nodding my head in agreement):

“…we mill about here on earth, putting our stars on certain people, lifting them up to places they never asked to be lifted up to.

They share their art and we want to hear it, but soon, if they get too big or too much attention, they become the object of our narrowed eyes and pointy fingers. If we can’t win, then neither can they. 

We do it with our athletes and our movie stars and our professional Christians, too. We know better than to worship them, but we put them up slightly higher than ordinary. We forget (or maybe we never really understood) that He holds all things together, all things that were created for him and through him. He is the firstborn over all creation. All. Creation.

Some perspective for you (and me), my dears.  Happy Tuesday!


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