Brad Womack Inspiration (Wait… huh?)

I watched A LOT of reality TV in high school: American Idol Season 1?  Went to the concert and may even own “From Justin to Kelly” on DVD.  The Bachelorette?  May everyone find a love as true as Trista and Ryan.  Amazing Race?  I’d have won every one of the first four seasons because, well, I put a lot of thought into my game plan; the million bucks was as good as mine.

{Gosh I ramble a lot.}

Anyway: I kind of backed off the shows in college and it continued when I moved to Florida.  Mostly due to a severe lack of time, but also due to a landlord that didn’t pay cable bills and caused my DVR list to be erased frequently, but as usual, that’s a different story for a different time.

All of this is basically to say that I got back into “The Bachelor(ette)” franchise in the past couple years, and now follow several of the participants on Twitter and blogs.  (Of course, I believe we’d all be BFFs; no judging.) I read this on Ashley Spivey’s blog after her departure from Brad Womack’s season and I really love it.  A stranger said it to her, but she shared it with the cyberworld, and it’s my turn to share it with you:

“You are a bright, articulate, classy woman. You have so much to offer this world.  Remember, you must first love yourself & hold your future boyfriend/mate/family accountable to the high standards you hold yourself to! Please stop talking about what you have done wrong… bad habits are hard to break.  A guy, a company, potential sponsor, or family will pick up on the vulnerable bright articulate warm person that you are. They will take advantage of you, especially when you hit a low spot, so please stop.

You will be a huge success in this world.  You have to have bumps in the road otherwise this world/life would not be fun.  I promise, I know people.  Keep your head high, shoulders back, & keep smiling even if you have bad day, OK? Do not let anyone have the satisfaction of taking advantage of you.”

Let that soak in.  Then go out and live it like you believe it.


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