This title is intense!  It’s what I want to talk about, but gosh I make it sound weird… maybe it will generate some more traffic 😉

As many of you are aware, Lent began yesterday.  Growing up, Lent was not something I recognized as the church I attended really remphasize it.  In recent years, I’ve listened to friends come up with lists of things they want to remove from their lives.  Albeit temporary, these changes tend to lighten someone’s daily routine by removing a superficial or unnecessary thing from their life.  Easy enough… or is it?

When I think about the mass interest in this 40-day span, I’m struck by the idea that a majority of people see it as a lesson in self-discipline rather than a time to meditate on the sacrifices that Christ made by making sacrifices of our own.  After being reminded of this in church last week, this idea has been weighing heavily on my heart; therefore, I have decided to recognize Lent this year.  I won’t be giving anything up, rather I’ll be making daily sacrifices for others by doing something since that’s what I interpret the Christ-like thing to be during the next several weeks.

Silly as it may sound, my dog Rooney, was the recipient on Day 1.  Now, judge you may (however if you do, you clearly don’t know me well enough!), but I know that I need to give a little more TLC to my pup.  A lot of people get pets because they want a companion; something that will contribute warmth and love to their lives all the while not talking back or judging aloud.  A lot of people also get pets for the animals’ sake, to alleviate over-crowding at shelters, etc.  BUT what about when you’re two years in to it, you work until 3 a.m. and you justwanttosleep at 6 a.m. when they’re pawing at the door?

Just me?

It’s so easy to see him as a burden, but after a cup of coffee or five, I am reminded of everything he provides for me on a daily basis.

{Crazy over-share ending now.}

So, for the first time since moving north (and because it was nearly 60 degrees!), I took Roo to a local dog park where he chose to stay by my side rather than play with others.  He’s either shy, or thinks I’m just a large, funny-looking dog, and chose me over them.  (I don’t really know which I’d prefer.)  We also stopped by a great pet supply store on the way home and I let his nose lead me to some fancy schmancy treats… Venison and Mussels? Eww.  To each his own, I suppose, even canines.


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